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  • The front view of Roussel House

  • Garden view of Roussel House

  • Roussel House bedrooms

  • Roussel House reception view

  • Roussel House Chapel

  • Roussel House garden

  • St. Therese Students in the Class

  • St. Therese Students during practical

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    • We are grateful for all you have done!

      We acknowledge friends,guests, families and donors who supported us and those who continue to support us for the training of the young  people. We want you to know that whatever  you see is through your efforts, you made it possible for their training. We wish you well and God bless you all.

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Mission Statement

To enhance the Socio-economic status and dignity of young people, enabling  them to realize their full potential in life and  equipping them to be self employed.

We carried out our Mission

By  providing young people with life skills and making them to be dynamic in the society.