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The Society of Apostolic Life Donum Dei (SVADD), known as the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate, is an international Catholic congregation of religious women founded on February 11, 1950, by Father Marcel Roussel - Galle and are present in the five continents. 
The mission of the Society of Apostolic Life Donum Dei is to make the cry of Jesus heard; "Give me to drink" and to lead all men and women to the Source of the Living Water which springs from Jesus's Heart: 'If you but knew the gift of God'. As members of this Society, we realize our vocation through various work and apostolates.

 One in christ 

 Bear witness to Jesus, teach his Word  

We participate in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, especially in his meeting with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well  Concerned by the immense suffering of vulnerable and underprivileged people in Society, the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate have responded to the call of Jesus "give me a drink" by taking up diverse professions in kindergartens, vocational training, orphanages, retreat and guest houses.

 Living with people of all cultures 

The institute values and upholds the dignity of every human person and pays particular attention to the children and vulnerable adults in its activities. The institute strives to put all necessary structures, procedures, and protocols in place to prevent any form of Abuse or exploitation of these persons, including mechanisms to ensure information sharing and education. 

 Radiate the universal love of Christ 

Donum Dei notes that Safeguarding is a responsibility that emanates from International and National laws and an expectation from the Catholic Church structures, beginning with the Pope's commitment to safeguarding down to dioceses, Institutes/Congregations, and parishes that have invested in Safeguarding programming. 

 Living with people of all cultures 

All the programs pay particular attention to women, single mothers, girls, children, and migrants whose condition in the Society cries out for the healing and merciful love of Jesus. The Congregation aims to bear witness to Jesus, teach his Word and give preparation for sacraments, Radiate the universal love of Christ who unites men and women of all races

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