Donum Dei Missionary

Donum Dei Missionary


“re-establishing and carrying on the dialogue between God and humanity: that is what missionary apostolate is about.”  – Father Marcel Roussel

In 1947, Father Roussel wrote”

“The pagan masses attract me, I would like to evangelize them by the means of young women, totally committed to God…”

on the 11th of February 1950, he gave of these young women the name “Missionary Workers of the Immaculate”. Thus, started the Donum Dei Missionary Family.

The missionary workers:

  • Are lay virgins, Carmelites in the world.
  • They live as a family, with sisters of all races.
  • They leave home, in obedience and poverty, for whichever country they are sent to.
  • They root their life of life for Christ in and through daily work; thus, bringing to the un-evangelised or under-evangelised worls the light of the Gospel.

In light of the spirit of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, the Carmelite Order and Saint Francis of Sales, following the example of Saint Joan of Arc and the first Christian virgins, the Missionary Workers commit themselves in the footsteps of Christ, temporarily through engagement and finally on the day of their Espousals; they offer themselves to the Merciful Love of God and make their profession in the Camelite Third Order Secular.

In their desire to sanctify the working world and families, the Missionary Workers take on diverse professions: in restaurants called “L’Eau Vive”, in guest houses, kindergartens, student lodgings, in catechetical instructions, the spiritual running of diocesan shrines, in the profession, etc.

They are particularly attentive to the poorest neighborhoods and those who are the most abandoned spiritually. To all they meet, they want to:

  • bear witness to Jesus, teach his Word and give a preparation for the Sacraments;
  • affirm God’s primacy in the face of the materialism of the world;
  • radiate the universal love of Christ who unites men and women of all races and all social conditions in one family.

At present, the Donum Dei Missionary Family is spread throughout the five continents in about thirty local groups.